Judy Lassman Lic Ac MBAcC

Hi, I’m Judy. Welcome to my website.

My passion for acupuncture and Chinese medicine came about as a result of the loss of my own health with MS twenty seven years ago, and my subsequent journey back to wellbeing.

Not wanting to limit my possibilities by placing a label on my condition, I turned to Chinese Medicine as it offers a different perspective on ill health and treats the whole person instead of the illness. We are all so diverse – how can one illness be the same for everyone diagnosed?

I slowly and miraculously made my journey back to recovery and as a result of my experience I am inspired to help others to deal with their own health issues by offering insight and encouraging them to look within themselves for answers that feel right for them. I aspire to help others who are suffering with health problems of any kind. The list of conditions that Chinese medicine can help treat is endless!