“Judy has a gift. She has the power to heal. I was a sceptic before I came to Judy, not sure whether acupuncture would work and unconvinced that it could do anything beyond what might be called conventional medicine. I am converted, pure and simple. She has transformed how I feel, in both body and soul. And, I’m convinced that Judy’s treatment helped with the conception of our baby. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” DL

“I first had an appointment with Judy when she was recommended by a friend. I was almost 40 weeks pregnant and wanted to balance my body to prepare for an easier labour. I was so convinced by the health benefits I felt immediately after that one acupuncture appointment that my husband and I continued to visit Judy whenever we had specific complaints such as back aches, headaches, or my husband’s Urticaria. When I fell pregnant again I knew that I wanted to treat myself to acupuncture once a month at least to alleviate the common complaints of pregnancy. I eagerly awaited every appointment as I knew I could tell Judy anything and she would know just what I needed to give me my mojo back – physically and mentally. I would not hesitate to recommend Judy, she is fantastic at what she doea.” LT

“IThank you so much for helping me have my perfect birth, Judy. Having had to be induced twice before, acupuncture was the only thing I had not tried and it worked. The first session helped me mentally prepare for having my baby and it was incredible that in the second session my contractions actually started. You really took the time to understand me and my needs. Having never had acupuncture before, you put me totally at ease and explained what you were doing, the acupuncture points and channels you were opening. Everyone who is late to have a baby and wants a natural birth or even help to get them mentally prepared for a birth should see you. Thank you again for fitting me in and being so brilliant.” DM

“Late 2008 I embarked on the second part of an IVF cycle to use embrios frozen 4 years earlier during treatments for breast cancer. Keen to give myself the best chance I had read and consulted widely to pick up tips for success. I established that ladies having regular acupuncture throughout the IVF cycle and before and after the transfer on the same day were much more likely to become pregnant. If I was to see an acupuncturist regularly it was important for me to find someone who was reliable and whom I would feel comfortable with. When I met Judy I instictively knew that she would was the therapist for me. I attended weekly sessions and the treatment intensified around the transfer. I felt that the treatment was very personalised to my requirements and to my personality. I felt very in tune with Judy throughout my treatment and I considered my visits an important part of my IVF preparation. I successfully became pregnant and went on to have a little boy. I look back at my acupuncture treatment with Judy as a significant contributing factor to that success (who by the way is named Sebastian!).“ HT

Since having my second child, 7 years ago, I have suffered every month, just before and during my period, with terrible pain in my lower abdomen and around my belly button. I went to see my doctor, who suspected that I had Endometriosis. She suggested I start taking a contraceptive pill, which I wasn’t very happy about, as I was 42 years old and didn’t really need to take any contraception. I started to take the pill, and it was awful. I bleed for nearly a month, non-stop, and just felt horrible.  I got in touch with Judy to ask for her help. I had 4 sessions of acupuncture and was prescribed to take Chinese Herbs, in capsule form.  That was 6 months ago, and I have been completely pain free for the last 6 months. Thank you Judy! MF